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Respect my blog pls.
I post the way i like it.
Talk to me politely.
And lastly, don't irritate me.
What's here stays here.

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Nike Slippers , A Guitar

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Ahziqo Estilyana Syasya

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Thursday, September 2, 2010
XD Rock&Roll

Hello People's
Gonna Be Inactive Cos Exam's Is Near So Nid To Study Heehs (:
Ok Jyeahh Once View Do Tag Bye !

Sunday, August 22, 2010
XD Young Money !

Hey Peeps , Gonna Be Inactive Cus Com Spoilt & Repairing Hehhe (:
Okae STOP Now What ? I'm Now Addicted To Nigga's & YoungMoney .
Darn , Haaaaa Okae Bye ! (:

Friday, August 20, 2010
XD Syaznadd :D

hello hello , omg . its obviously not A'an right . 
Im Syaznadd Francisco . huackhuack , im helping A'an to update his blog . 
man , what shall i say ? waaait  lets describe a'an ;
- cute 
- annoying 
- omg , idk .
first time meeting him , very th kecoh . talktalktalk , aft hanging out sometimes . it was awesome . but i dont talk much when slacking w him . i will just silent laugh & talk one word then full stop ehh . 
okaaay , do visit my blog  { www.urbabyeachday-snsk.blogspot.com } 

                                            bye , Syaznadd Francisco . 
                                             PS / you're awesome :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010
XD Kechik Prince .

Hello World .
Just Came Back From Expo , Ate A Lot There .
Didn't Take Pics There Damn .
Okae Tmrw Go Waterfront Havem't Confirm Yet Going With Who . Urh
Ok Stop So Jyeah Do Tag Once
View (:

Friday, August 6, 2010
XD Outings :D

Hello World
Just Now Go WaterFront Gerek Haaa Than Walk2 & Got This Girl Lost Her Cousin At A Jungle Neat There So We Helped Her & We Find Her Cousin Heehs She Say Thanks So We Say Welcome (:
Then , Go Woodlands Sivic Library Sit2 There Read Book . Heehs There's Evaa,Akif,Adq Shiryn,Sakinah & Syamil(Go Back After Reaching Woodlands Sivic) .
Then Walk Back Home Heehs (:

Thursday, August 5, 2010
XD Kechik Kid ?

People's Sorry For Not Updating Busy Cos Exam's Near Th Corner
I Got Good New For Ya , I Knw My Prelim F.Maths Results I'm Outta U-Grade
Yay ! But I Didn't Reach My Target I Want Gt 50 It's A Grade 3 .
Damn , Nevermind Gonna Study All Subjects & Must Pass All Subjects ! .
Just Now Slack At RC With Neena,Iskander,Shelly & Me (:
Hehe Evaa Kept Calling My Hp Just To Speak To Th Girls Damn . My Bills Going Up2
In Th Way Heehs . Ok Yeah That's All For Today (:

Friday, July 30, 2010
XD Young Weezy !

Hi ! Nxt Week PRelim Hmm.. Need To Study Especially Maths I Will Try To Remember The Methods
Just Nw Slack2 At Rc Haaa , Awhile Onlyy Then I Ask ___ For Patch She Say She Think First
Then After 15 Mins  Ask Th Same Question She Say She Still Don'y Know
So I Say Haiiyooo Haaa , Sent Her Bck Hme & Treat Her Chocolate Cookie Heee Nice ?
Haaaa Okae That's All Now Adios ! Haaaaa :D